The End Times Does Not Begin With The Rapture- It Begins With . . .

The Rapture is after a Key prophesied event that is stated in the Book of Daniel. However, many End Time teachers don’t realize the importance of this amazing End Time prophecy. Therefore, this has led to much confusion. This prophecy is the cornerstone prophecy to understanding the other End Time prophesies. Jesus gives specific reference to this prophecy in Matt. 24:15, “When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:). It should be seen that Jesus was referring to a future event, and not a past event.

Jesus then states the The Rapture is after . . .

The Great Tribulation, and a colossal Meteorite Shower, and then The Rapture (verses 16-31). Furthermore, the Abomination of Desolation doesn’t take place until the middle of the Covenant, which is the 7-year Peace Treaty Dan. 9:27,“And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.” Related scriptures in Daniel show that a week is a literal 7-year period of time. The covenant or Peace Treaty hasn’t yet been signed; and the Jews don’t have the temple to perform it.

When this takes place that begins the 70th Week. This is also the last 7-years of earth immediately prior to The Millennium. The Book of Daniel then explains, the timing and duration of other End Time Events; you will be very amazed when you see how the related scriptures of Daniel’s 70th Week fit together and reveal this. All this and a lot more is fully explained in the following book, “THE RAPTURE AND DANIEL’S 70th WEEK UNVEILED.” The same exact content but under a different Title is also available, “THE END TIMES UNVEILED.” When the various End Time scriptures are connected with each other in context, a clear picture regarding the timing of The Rapture is seen. All this is in total agreement with Matthew 24, and related passages in  Revelation. See Titles of the 28 chapters at the bottom of this page. You can download for FREE, 5 Key Chapters of the book.

Also available is “DANIEL’S 70th WEEK UNVEILED.” It contains all the chapters in Part III, of the Main Books, plus chapter 12 of those Books, “Does Matthew 24 Support a Pre-Tribulation Rapture Or Not?” Also included is chapter 28; this is an eBook (pdf)

3 End Time Books – Click Book for larger picture of book




Table of Contents

Introduction Page 7
Part I- Understanding Foundation Principles, And End Time Terms. Page 11
Chapter 1. Why Is It Important To Study Bible Prophecy? Page 12
Chapter 2. Does The Bible Specifically Talk About A Rapture? Page 16
Chapter 3. What Emphasis Does The Bible Give To End-time Deception? Page 19
Chapter 4. What Is End Time Smorgasbord Theology? Page 21
Chapter 5. What Are The Different End Time Views? Page 23
Chapter 6. What Is “The Day Of The Lord,” and How Is It Different From "The Day Of Christ?" Page 27
Chapter 7. Are “The Tribulation” And “The Wrath” The Same, Or Are They Different? Page 31
Chapter 8. Are The Rapture And The Second Coming The Same, Or Are They Different? Page 35
Part II- The Crux Of The Matter Page 40
Chapter 9. Why Is 2 Thessalonians 2:1-4 Foundational To Understanding The Rapture? Page 41
Chapter 10. How Will We Know When The Man Of Lawlessness Is Revealed? Page 46
Chapter 11. In 2 Thes. 2:7-8, Does "Taken Out" Imply The Rapture Takes Place Before The Antichrist Is Revealed? Page 48
Chapter 12. Does Matthew 24 Support a Pre-Tribulation Rapture Or Not? Page 51
Chapter 13. Does The Rapture Take Place Right After The Antichrist Is Revealed, But Before The Tribulation? Page 60
Chapter 14. When Does The Tribulation Period Begin? Page 61
Chapter 15. Is The Imminent Return Of Jesus The Next Main Event In Bible Prophecy? Page 66
Chapter 16. How Difficult Will It Be Before The Tribulation? Page 75
Chapter 17. When The Lord Returns, In 1 Thes. 4, Are The Raptured Saints Already With Him? Page 81
Chapter 18. Who Are The Elect? Page 86
Chapter 19. Does The Book Of Revelation Show That The Church Is Raptured Before The Tribulation, And Before The Seals Are Opened? Page 88
Chapter 20. What Is The Mark Of The Beast? Page 101
Part III- Daniel’s 70th Week Page 109
Chapter 21. Why Is The 70th Week of Daniel Foundational To Understanding The End Times? Page 110
Chapter 22. What Are The 2,300 Days In Daniel 8, and Why Is It Foundational To Understanding The 70th Week? Page 121
Chapter 23. Why Was Antiochus Epiphanes IV Not The Antichrist? Page 127
Chapter 24. What Are The 1,290 And 1.335 Days In Daniel 12? Page 130
Chapter 25. How Many Days Does The Wrath Last? Page 141
Part IV- Walk Wisely Page 144
Chapter 27. Will You Know How To Live When The Mark Of The Beast Is Required? Page 149
Chapter 28. What Is The Most Important Thing In Life, And How Can You Be Sure You’ll Go To Heaven? Page 152

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